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Tutorial #11 - How to add a team and work in BSafes Team Workspace

Tutorial #11 - How to add a team and work in BSafes Team Workspace

Welcome to the video tutorial series of BSafes. This video tutorial will demonstrate how to add a team and work in BSafes Team Workspace.

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Till now, we have worked inside the personal workspace. Now we will see what team workspace is and how it is used.

Team workspace is a place where members can collaborate with each other and work mutually.

Any member can create teams and invite other members to join.

To create a team, click blue plus button.

Write the name of the team.

Click the create button.

Here you can see that the team has been created.

Click on it.

We are inside the team workspace.

Here you can add team members, items, and view activities.

Let me tell you one important thing here that before adding a member in a team you must add it in your BSafes account which we have covered in our video tutorial “Introduction to BSafes Dashboard, Adding Members, and Backup”.

To add team members, click the Members option.

Click the blue plus button.

Now, if you added a number of team members in your account then you may write the team member name here and click search icon to get the search results.

However, since to demonstrate you I have added one member in my account so I will directly add it.

Tick on the check box.

Click the add button.

Here you can see the team member is added.

You can add as many team members as you want in this way.

Similarly, to add any item on which you want to work as a team, click on this blue plus button.

Here you can select and add the item in the team workspace.

Let me add a page and a notebook.

Here you can see that these items are added in team workspace.

To demonstrate you, I will login from the member ID to see if the added item is visible or not.

For that, I will first copy the link that the member should use to login.

I will go on this link.

Write the name and password.

Write the secret key.

Here, you can see that the team in which this member is added is visible here.

Click on it.

Here, you can see that the items added in the team workspace are visible to this team member.

In this way, team members can collaborate and work together on the items.

I will go back to my BSafes account.

Now if we click on activities option and then click on more, then we can see the list of activities that has been done so far in this team. This is a very useful option to keep track of activities of the team.

If you want to remove a member from a team, then click on members option.

Go on the name of member you want to remove and click the three dotted icon.

Click on delete.

A confirmation window will appear.

Write Yes and click the Go button.

Here, you can see the member is removed from the team.

Hopefully, this video would help you to add a team and use BSafes team workspace efficiently. If you want to explore more about BSafes then watch out our complete video tutorial series.

Thank you.