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Tutorial #3 - Personal Page

Tutorial #3 - Personal Page

Welcome to the video tutorial series of BSafes. This video tutorial will demonstrate about how to create a personal page on BSafes.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

The beauty of BSafes is that it allows each member to has its own personal work space for adding or creating a number of things. These are visible to the specific individual and if working with teams then no one else in the team can view personal workspace of anyone else.

To create personal page, first login to BSafes. If you have not sign up on BSafes yet or you need help in signing up, then watch our video about how to sign up on BSafes.

Click Personal option.

Once you are at this page, then Click on blue plus button.

You will get the following screen which shows you multiple options which means you can create page, notebook, diary, Box and even folder.

Click on Page option.

A little pop up window will appear that will ask you to enter the title of the page.

After entering the page title, click CREATE button.

Your first personal page on BSafes is created.

Hopefully this video would help you to create your first personal page on BSafes. If you want to explore more about BSafes then watch out our complete video tutorial series.

Thank you.