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Tutorial #8 - How to use BSafes folders

Tutorial #8 - How to use BSafes folders

Welcome to the video tutorial series of BSafes. This video tutorial will demonstrate you how to use BSafes folders.

Image by nastya_gepp from Pixabay

To create folder, first click on the blue plus button right under the activities.

The following menu will appear. Click on Folder from this menu.

Write the title of the Folder.

Click Create button.

You will be redirected to the cover page of the folder.

Here we can edit the title, add tags or open the folder to start creating pages.

Now let’s start working inside the folder.

Click the open button shown in the right side of the folder.

This will redirect to the contents page of the folder.

To create our first page inside a folder, press the blue plus icon and select page from the prompt.

Type the title of the page for example, “first page” and click create button to create the page.

This will redirect us to the page we have created.

Here, we can add data, images, attachments, tags and comments.

Now, let’s examine the icons available at the top black bar.

The folder icon is used to reach on the cover page of folder.

The bulleted icon is used to reach the content page or table of contents.

This button is to move towards the first page of the folder and this one is to move towards the last page of the folder.

We are familiar with all these icons so let’s see this black plus button.

The button would let you add a new page.

Click on it.

You can add a page before or after this current page. So I will click on “before this”.

Write a title for this page, for example “Zero Page”

Press the Create button.

Here you can see that new page is created before “first page”.

Now let’s create a page after “first page”. Go to “first page” and click the black plus button.

Click on “After This”

Write the title “Second Page”

Press the Create button.

Here you can see that new page is created after “first page”.

I will create one more page after the second page and will give it title “Third Page”.

Now, click the bulleted button to see how all these pages are shown in the table of contents.

Here, you can add further pages in the folder with reference to the previous pages in the table of contents. Click the plus sign on the right side of the page’s name.

And you can see that we are shown two familiar options that are “add before” or “add after”.

Let’s click “Add after”.

Click on Page option.

Write the name of page, for example “Extra Page 1”.

Click Create button and we will be redirected to the newly created page. Here you can see its title.

Let’s check it in table of content as well.

Here you can see that the page is added after Zero Page and before First page in the table of content.

Now we will see that what happens if we click on this check box of any page.

For example, I click on the check box of “Third Page”.

You can see three options appear at the bottom.

First we will see Trash and Cancel icon and then we will discuss about move option.

Trash icon is used to delete a page.

Click on it.

A confirmation window will appear.

Type Yes and click Go button to delete it.

Here you can see that it is deleted.

The cancel icon is used to close this bar showing these three options.

If we click on move option, then a pop window will appear to show us folder where we can move this page.

Right now I have made only one folder so it is showing that.

Then there is Drop button. If you click this button, then your page will moved to the main personal workspace.

You can see the dropped page here right under the blue plus button.

If you want to move this page back to the folder then click on the check box.

Click move icon.

Click on first folder.

Click the drop button.

You can see page is vanished from the personal page.

Let’s see if it has moved to the folder or not.

Click on first folder.

Here you can see that our page is moved back to the first folder.

Let’s arrange our pages.

Click on the check box of Extra Page 1.

You can see the plus button of each page is replaced by the arrow button.

Click on the arrow button of Zero Page.

A menu will appear showing three options, that are “Drop Before” , “Drop Inside” , “Drop After”.

I will click on drop after.

You can see that Extra Page 1 is moved after Zero page.

Let’s click on any of the pages in table of contents.

Click on the three dotted button at the top right side of the page.

You can see the same three options has appeared again which we have just seen in the table of contents.

Now let me quickly add tags to these pages so that we can see the searching process after that.

To search from a folder, the practice is same as we have seen while searching in notebook and diaries.

Go to the personal or team workspace.

I will go the personal workspace.

I will type the tag of second page in the search bar.

Click the search icon.

Here you can see that second page is on the top of the search results.

Now, let’s search with the help of page title. I will type “first page” in the search bar.

Click the search icon.

And you can see that first page is on the top of the search results.

Let’s click on it and see if it the same page which we have created inside the folder.

Yes it is. You can see the first folder and then first page written here.

Hopefully this video would help you to use BSafes Folders efficiently. If you want to explore more about BSafes then watch out our complete video tutorial series.

Thank you.