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Tutorial #10 - Adding Members, Dashboard, and Backup

Tutorial #10 - Adding Members, Dashboard, and Backup

Welcome to the video tutorial series of BSafes. This video tutorial will introduce you to the BSafes dashboard and demonstrate you how to add members in your BSafes account and take backup of your data from BSafes.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

BSafes dashboard shows you the details about your account on BSafes. To access the dashboard, click on the top right corner where your initials are shown.

Here you can see this menu has appeared having a number of options. We will see them one by one.

Click on Dashboard.

Here you can see that all the details related to your account and usage of storage space is shown here.

If we scroll down, then we can see there is quotas history and payments history as well.

Now we will see how to add members in a BSafes account.

Click on the initials at top right corner.

Click on the Add Members option.

Here you can see that we are at the page for adding members.

Before adding members, we may set our nickname.

I will write the nickname, for example, this one.

This nickname would become part of the link that you would share with members to allow them access BSafes.

Click the create button.

Here, you can see the nickname is set and link is created.

Now, we will start adding members.

Click on the blue plus button.

Enter the member name.

Set the password as per the given criteria.

Click the done button.

Here you can see that the member is added.

Similarly, I will add one more member quickly.

Now, if you want to delete a member, then click on the three dotted icon and then click on delete.

A confirmation window will appear. Type yes and click the Go button.

Here, you can see that the member is deleted.

Now, we will see that how this member can access the BSafes services.

(Please remember that adding member in an account is different from signing up. For sign up, you need separate email address and after the free trial expires then you must pay fees. But adding members in the account means that members do not need to sign up using their email addresses and they do not have to pay the fees after free trial expires. Adding or removing the members is in your control since you are adding them in your BSafes account. You can give them names and set their passwords like system administrator. But their secret key will be set by them and their data will be scrambled and no one else could see.)

To add a member, share this link with member, their name and password that you have set.

Ask them to go to the link and enter the name and password you shared with them.

So for example, I am going to do this for the demonstration purpose.

Set their secret key.

After going through these steps, they can access BSafes services and start working.

Now, we will see at the BSafes backup option.

If at any point you want to take backup of your all data available at BSafes, then you can do that easily as well.

Again click on the initials at top right corner and click on the Backup option.

Here you can see that seven easy to follow steps to take backup from BSafes are written here.

Follow these steps one by one to take the back up.

Now we will see other options available in this menu.

If you want to Sign Out then click on this icon.

However, if you want to lock and not sign out then click on this lock option. It will take you to the screen where you need to enter your key in order to use BSafes. It does not require you to enter login details which are needed to sign in when you sign out your account.

Hopefully this video would help you to understand BSafes dashboard and adding members efficiently. If you want to explore more about BSafes then watch out our complete video tutorial series.

Thank you.