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Tutorial #5 - How to use BSafes editor like a pro

Tutorial #5 - How to use BSafes editor like a pro

Welcome to the video tutorial series of BSafes. This video tutorial demonstrate you how to use BSafes text editor like a pro.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

The BSafes text editor offers several features that are mostly required to create online text-based documents.

To open BSafes text editor, click on the Blue Pen button.

Another way to open the editor is to click on this small black pen icon.

Once BSafes text editor is opened, then you can type your text right away and use several features offered by BSafes.

To bring text editor in full screen mode, click on the full screen button.

Type the text that you want to store. Let me type few lines quickly.

You can undo or redo your text any time by using these two icons. This icon will undo changes one step back and the other one will redo changes one step forward.

You can turn any part of your text bold and italic as well as you can underline it.

Further you have strike through option.

Subscript and superscript options are also present in the text editor.

There are SIX most used text font styles. Georgia is the default text font style. However, you can change font style by selecting any other option from these six.

You can set size of your text ranging from 8 points to 96 points.

In the colors option, there are two further categories. You can set text color as well as background color.

As you can see, BSafes text editor offers a variety of frequently used colors for both text as well as background.

To reset the color changes at any point, click on Clear formatting icon.

A number of emojis are available to add and make the text catchy.

Paragraph style icon shows a menu of four different paragraph styles.

Gray Bordered Spaced UPPERCASE Paragraph format option provides four different headings available to make various parts of text prominent.

Align option provides four alignment options for the text.

By using order list option, you can create numbered list.

By using unordered list option, you can create bullet list.

Decrease indent option is used to decrease the indentation from left.

Increase indent option is used to increase the indentation from left.

Then there is quote option.

Clicking on this option will insert horizontal line to create section of your text.

This is insert link option. Click on this option. Type the link. Write the text to be appearing for the link. After typing the required data, click INSERT button.

Here you can see that link is inserted.

Right click on it, you can see options such as:

open link to open the link behind the text style (where you can change colour of text to green or you can make the text thick) edit option to edit the link unlink option to remove the link from the text You can also insert the link into the existing text. To do so, simply select the text. Click on Insert Link option. Here you can see the text we selected is already present in the text field. We just have to insert the link for this text. Click the insert button.

Here you can see that text you have selected has become the link.

Then there is Insert Image option. You can insert image by three ways:

first one is uploading from your device second one is giving the weblink of the image if it is available online third one is browsing through images uploaded on BSafes Once you are done, then click on the INSERT button.

There is also Insert Video option. You can insert video by three ways as well:

first one is giving the weblink of the video second one is giving the embedded code of video third one is by uploading it from your device Once you are done, then click on the INSERT button.

By clicking on the table option, you can add up to 10 by 10 table in your text document.

Then there are undo and redo options to go back to the previous or next states of the text document in the editor.

Clear formatting option is a time saving and handy option which removes formatting options that are applied on the text with one click. Simply select the text and then click the clear formatting option. Here you can see that formatting on the text is removed.

Once you are done with the changes and want to save the document then click the tick button.

If you do not want to save changes then click the cross button.

Hopefully this video would help you to use BSafes text editor like a pro. If you want to explore more about BSafes then watch out our complete video tutorial series.

Thank you.